Everything Was Fine

Everything was Fine 2019Delilah’s life was perfect before her parents died. Everything was fine before she moved across the country. She was better off before she started the school year. Her life was fine before she met her biology teacher, a man who isn’t quite what he seems.

Turns out, he’s a vampire, and responsible for several recent deaths in their city. As Delilah discovers information about his past, she realizes just how connected their lives are.

Now she and her friends have to find a way to stop his killing spree, or they’ll be his next victims.

Everything was Fine


About the Author

Hayden BrownHayden Brown is a creative spirit who expresses freely through art and words. Though this is her debut novel, Hayden has several manuscripts in the works.  She has traveled all over the United States, favoring the west coast, with sights set on Seattle.When not creating art or listening to music, Hayden spends her time with her cranky cat and unruly Husky. Her favorite people know who they are, but she especially favors her older sister, and her best friend, Alisa.